As we prepare for the 11th edition of Jaipur BookMark (JBM), running concurrently with the annual Jaipur Literature Festival, we emphasize JBM's significant role as a pivotal B2B segment focused on fostering the business of books and translations within literary and arts festivals worldwide. JBM has been at the forefront of facilitating Festival Directors' Roundtables, bringing together directors globally to exchange ideas and share experiences amid the challenges faced in recent times. Over 100 festival directors from approximately 30 countries actively participated in these discussions in past years. The Festival Directors Roundtables serve as a crucible, sustaining the spirit of sharing ideas. Participants showcase enthusiasm as they discuss what motivates them to overcome various challenges—whether physical, logistical, or ideological—year after year. They delve into how these discussions cultivate new connections, particularly in an era marked by social media chatter and polarized perspectives. The 2024 edition aims to provide a nurturing environment where numerous brilliant ideas can take root and flourish.