South Asia: World Publishing Hub

With an estimated population of around 1.8 billion, South Asia ranks a close second, only after the United States, in English and regional language publishing. It is home to about 30 languages, 23 of which are Indian, each with an independent print and publishing culture of its own.

The region has major potential to serve as an outsourcing hub for pre- and post-publishing services, be it print, design, editorial or marketing. It is also one of the few markets still witnessing a major growth in both print and digital publishing. Within South Asia, India enjoys a reputation for being among the top publishing nations in the world.

Currently no other publishing platform in India offers the possibility of both getting to know India’s varied literatures, and making contact with publishers and authors from India’s many languages.

India offers a rich, variegated landscape of writing and Jaipur BookMark is well placed to showcase the best of such writing and to help facilitate the sale and exchange of rights both between Indian languages and internationally.

The Indian Publishing Industry: An Overview Fact Not Fiction


  • Is the second-largest English-speaking nation globally
  • Has a 75% literacy rate
  • Is the second-most populous country in the world at 1.31 billion
  • Has 50% of the population less than 25 years of age
  • Has 712 universities, 36,671 colleges, 11,445 private institutions of higher education
  • Has a billion plus phone users
  • Has 82,237 newspapers published daily
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Publishing in India
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