Marion Regenscheit

Marion Regenscheit

Marion Regenscheit is the organiser of the international literature festival BuchBasel. One of the largest literature festivals in Switzerland, it mixes readings by well-known and young writers from Europe and takes a special interest in new formats. She holds a Master’s in German Literature and Media Studies from the Universities of Basel and Berlin, and a Master’s in Library Science and Information Management from the University of Zürich. She worked at the University Library of Basel before taking up her current position in 2017.



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Dr.Rupendra Guha Majumdar

27 Dec, 2019 02:08pm

Hullo!I am an academic/poet/artist ,having taught Engliash/American literature for long in India and America; and Greek and Latin literature in translation. I've been to Basel and Fribourg,Switzerland;my interest lies in the genre of Narrative and Epic forms internationally; and I am fond of reading Friedrich Nietzsche who taught at the University of Basel in the 1870's. I am interested in media studies and theatre in present day Europe.

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