Jaipur BookMark 2019



Last day of Entry Submission | 23:59 IST 25th Nov, 2019


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

– Maya Angelou

For all storytellers, literary enthusiasts and writers, Jaipur BookMark (JBM) is back with a marvellous initiative! The January 2019 edition of Jaipur BookMark will feature a spanking new programme for writers: ‘iWrite’. No longer limited to first-time writers, the programme has now broadened its scope and the possibilities it has to offer, with a call to all unpublished manuscripts sitting on your computer or closet: short-stories, poetry, and works of fiction or non-fiction.

A nominal handling fee of INR 1000 will be charged during submission. If your entry makes it to the top 10 shortlisted, you’ll get a chance and a platform to share your work with international publishers, literary agents, translators and other industry experts in a pitching session and perhaps get to even sign a book deal!

Each participant will receive some feedback on their submitted work from industry experts irrespective of the fact whether they’re selected or not
Jaipur BookMark, where books mean business, provides an edge to those in the publishing industry on the lookout for new ideas and collaborations.

In 2019, it could be you who gets into the selected shortlist! Don’t miss this opportunity!

  • Each person can submit a maximum of one entry with a nominal handling fee of INR 1000 only.
  • All entries must be unpublished, but can be submitted by a either a published or unpublished writer.
  • The submission can follow any genre (Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, etc.).
  • Entries must entirely be the work of the entrant and by submitting he/she confirms that the work his/her own.
  • The programme is open to writers of Indian nationality, writing in any Indian language. We, however, require the synopsis to be submitted in English and Hindi only.
  • Entries must be uploaded as a PDF (Max size 2 MB; no word.doc please). Please use Times New Roman Font in size 12.
  • The maximum word limit is 1500 words per entry in the case of a novel.
  • Entries for short stories should be full.
  • Entries for poetry should include 2 poems and can also have an introduction to the collection.
  • Please mention the title in bold at the top-centre, and your name, age, occupation, city of residence, contact number, email address and a short bio at the bottom within the document.
  • The deadline to submit entries is before 12 am (IST) on 25th November 2018.
  • Shortlisted names will be announced in the last week of December, 2018.

Please note: entries not pertaining to the guidelines will be disqualified.

  • This is not a competition, but a programme to identify and select new and exciting ideas and help writers hone these into books.
  • The jury’s decision is final and binding.
  • Shortlisted candidates will get opportunities to interact with press, publishers, literary agents, translators, industry experts and authors at the festival.
  • The programme does not guarantee that the selected work will be published.
  • iWrite is not limited to any age group.
  • All copyright for the material submitted will rest with the entrant.
  • Upon selection, the candidate agrees for his/her work to be redrafted with or without consultation at the discretion of the programme officials.
  • Each entrant grants licence to Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd. to feature his/her submission (in part and/or in whole) on any of its websites, or on promotional material connected to the competition and/or to Jaipur BookMark.
  • Shortlisted entrants will receive a delegate badge only for the day of their presentation, a festival tote, and certificates from Jaipur BookMark at the end of the festival.
  • Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd. bears no responsibility to arrange travel, accommodation and food for any shortlisted candidate.
  • Any misbehaviour or disagreement with organizers, literary agents, publishers and literary critics, authors and attendees present or taking undue advantage of facilities provided will lead to immediate expulsion of the candidate from iWrite and the festival premises.
  • Teamwork Arts reserves the right to alter the above guidelines and all terms and conditions at any time.


The 2018 success story

First Book Club Success Story

Title: Alida (English)

Author: Chandra R Talware

Publisher: Zero Degree Publishing

First- time writer Chandra Talware was shortlisted in 2018 and her book will be launched at JBM 2019!

The 2017 success story

First Book Club Success Story

Title: Naye Shekhar ki Jeevani (Hindi)

Author: Avinash Mishra

Publisher: Vani Prakashan

With as many as 250 entries from across India, 20 candidates were shortlisted and invited to present their work at Jaipur BookMark 2017 in front of industry experts and mentors from the world over. First-time writer Avinash Mishra was shortlisted and his book is now available in the market!